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The Sacred Cat of Burma


A Birman is a human loving semi-long hair cat which require very little maintenance. They are friendly, seeking out attention. Birmans are great companions and easily come along with other pets and children. Their silky hair does not require regular brushing (which they love) as their coat does not mat! The ideal Birman is a medium large, stocky cat with a medium long body. It has long silky hair, not as thick as that of the Persian, and is of a texture that doesn't mat. The colour of the coat is light, preferably with a golden cast, as if misted with gold. Strong contrast between body colour and points.

The points - face, legs and tail - are darker, similar to the Siamese and Colourpoint Persian colour patterns. The colours are seal point, blue point, red point, creme point, chocolate point and lilac point. All these colours can exist both in solids and in torties. Both solids and torties can also have tabby markings; seal tabby, blue tabby, chocolate tabby, lilac tabby but also seal tortie tabby, blue tortie tabby, chocolate tortie tabby and lilac tortie tabby point.

The almondshaped (not round) eyes are as deep blue, set in a face with strong jaws, full chin and a slight Roman nose (bends down in the middle often has a bum to it at that point) with nostrils set low.
The very distinctive white feet are ideally symmetrical. The gloves on the front feet, if perfect, go across in an even line, and on the back feet end in a point up the back of the leg, called gauntlets. It is very difficult to breed a cat with four perfect white gloves.

References: Taron Birmans

For more information on the breed see the Taron Birmans Birman FAQ - Frequently asked questions page.

"Birmasällskapet" / The Midnight Sun Society for the Sacred Birman Cat (BIS) is a Swedish Birman Cat organization, free for all birmanlovers. Membership fee for 2003 is SEK 225. For new members only SEK 125!
Payment to account nr: Swedish: 39 59 4 -7
Norweigian: 080-6190 6933
For more information, please visit to BIS homepage
BIS Webmaster is: Magdalena Holmström.

Cute photo isn't it? Want to see more...see the firemens page

Amazing Adelaide, a sealtortie point female

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This is Enya (Sagastar`s Angel of my heart). Almoust 9 months old turtiegirl.

Photo C. Axnér

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Here is Enya again; as 2 weeks old baby.

Photo Eivor Rasehorn