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The best babysitter for the cats

NILLA - to my beloved dog Nilla whom I lived with during 13 years-- R.I.P my friend

Mans best friend..
is a dog!

Here I'm watching over my park called Tanto

Nilla is checking out the situation at the Tanto minigolflinks


Nilla lives with SagaStar's Birmans.
She is a mixed breed dog, a mix of Sibirian pullingdogs. Her mother Nina is an East Sibirian Laika and her father Zirak is a Sibirian Husky.

Nilla was born in a part of Sweden called Dalarna, Insjön. She is very interested in birds, she would love to ....... go chase them!

Nilla after bath

She loves cats - they ar like her; indipendent, beautiful, friendly.... and got their integrity. Nilla doesn't like fighting and disharmony. If the cats play to rough with each other she will very carefully break it up. Nice and easy and she thinks is the way. As long as they are just playing, she'll let them play . When Miisu the housecat was a kitten she seeked comfort from Nilla who gladly gave it to her, and still are when ever they meet (they are not living at the same country any more). They are the best of friends!
The kittens all loves to sleep in the dogs basket. They seem to think it is lovely having such a big friend. Nilla doesn't let any other dog close to the cats. She indeed is a good babysitter for them!
Unknown cats usually tend to think her strait friendly approach is a - little to much for them.
But most of all Nilla loves kids.

This is how nice little Adrian and Nilla are coming along.

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