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SagaStar's cattery of the Sacred Cat of Burma

Some more about us

My name is Satu Toivanen and I am the breeder for SagaStar's Sacred Birmans. We live in Solna, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Living in an apartment sets a limit for the number of cats. At the moment we have 5 Birmans here at home. Joy, Red Rose, Peppina Tricky Tiger. Below a short presentation of them, and for some of our elder stars as well. Click for their names, for the pedigree chart and a picture.

EC Rallarrosen's Cestemoon, 18 years old & her daughter GIC SagaStar's Bright Star, 12,5 yrs. Granny & mom to my beloved Red Rose. (photo:aug 2010), at my mom's.


Red Rose

S*SagaStar's Red Rose

Born 4th. July. 2004. A beautiful charming red tabby point female after Kronos and Bria.


S*SagaStar's Joy

Born 17. 4 2010. A superb torbie point female which I just hed to keep myself! She is totally adorable.


S*SagaStar's Karamell

Born 20.4 2010. Chockolate torbie point girl. Fun and a classical tortie -loves to play and hard to fool :D. She reminds a lot of my old Europa queen. Rehomed.


S*SagaStar's Älskade

Born 2007. A beuatiful red tabby point, as her mom Red Rose. Brilliant deep blue eyecolor and massive body structure. She was desexed spring 2012. Rehomed now and livs together with Kronos.


Champion AmoreGatti Kronos

A lovely red point male. Born July 2002. Our previous breeding male. De-sexed autumn -06. Rehomed.


Grand International Champion S* Stoneridge Bad to the bone,
(called "Busen"), A chocolate point male. Born 1999.A handsome large male with wonderful boning and deep blue eye color. He is father to several SagaStar's kittens. Her has got lovely, healthy merited outcomes. He is now de-sexed and rehomed.


S*SagaStar's Melody

Born 27th. December 2002. A lovely seal tabby point female, after SagaStar's Bright Star (Bria) & my chocolate point male Stoneridge Bad to the bone (Busen). Melody is mom to 4 litters and she was de-sexed in November-06. She now lives near us in a new home.

Zola aka Gucci

S*SagaStar's Zola

Born 26. 11 2006. a cool tortie point madame. Parents: Melody & Kronos. Rehomed and lives near us.

Friends who passed away


Grand International Champion SagaStar's Amazing Adelaide
Born 1997.
She lived at my sisters and her familys home in Finland.
A lovely, large well build seal tortie female. She was well proportioned with excellent muscles. Excellent tortie points - well mingled and her coat is nicely silky textured. Adelaide passed away as 17 years old. spring 2015.


European Champion Rallarrosen's Cestemoon,
(called "Sandra"), a beautiful sealpoint. Born 1992. She became a CAT OF THE YEAR 2000, senior, in Swedish Birman Society. Also Best cat 2000 senior in Stockholm Cat club and 3rd best in SVERAK, FIFE all bred, senior year 2000. She lived as retired at my mothers home in Finland during her last years. She passed away 5th November 2011, only days before her 19:th birthday. R.I.P our queen of hearts, thank you for everything, you were the best.


Grand International Champion SagaStar's Bright Star,
(called "Bria"), is a seal tortie tabby point, a daughter to Rallarrossen's Cestemoon and EC FIN*JoJon Dan-Tabby Sibilino. She is a lovely true Birman lady. Bria was de-sexed September -05. Two of her daughters have continued her lines i my breeding program. She passed away 2011 hence mammary cancer, R.I.P Bria. We miss you sweetheart.


Champion SagaStar's Europa Queen,
("Elvira") a torbie point. Born 2000. She is after SagaStar's Amazing Adelaide and a Finnish seal tabby male European Champion JoJon Zi-Tabby Ikarus JR.
. She passed away sprin 2012, hence urinary infection. R.I.P our love!

Sandra, Bria, Busen, Adelaide and Ellie

About myself I can tell you I am a guidance-counselor. My personal interests are among others art, litterature, animals and nature. I support the Nordic foundation against cruelty to animals.

Adrian, Adelaide and Angel
here about 6 weeks old

Everything is okay
as long as mommy is here....

This is Cestemoon

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