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S*Sagastar's breeding

of the sacred cat of Burma

...The Saga of the sacred cat

"Once upon a time long before the arrival of Buddha on this earth in what we today call Burma, Lao-Tsun built a temple to honor the golden sapphire eyed godess Tsu-Kyan-Kse. During their prayers the priests where always acompanied by a hundred white cats with silky fur and yellow eyes. The temple was run by Kittah Mun-ha and by his side you always could find *his* cat Sinh.

Times where rough and the temple was treathend by thieves and robbers. One night the temple was attacted and kittah Mun-ha was badly hurt. Sinh saw that his master and friend was injured and jumped up on his chest to protect him. When the younger priest saw this they thought it to be a sign from the Godess and managed to fight back their attackers. In gratitude for his courage and loyalty Tsu-Kyan-Kse gave to Sinh her blue eyes and let her golden mist to be seen in Sinh's fur. Only his paws resting on his masters chest remained snowy white. Seven days later still standing in the same position, Sinh died and brought his masters soul to the Godess.

Peace came to the temple ones again and in amazement the priests saw that all the cats had gotten Sinh's colors. When it was time to sellect a new high-priest, the cats surronded the youngest of them in order to show the will of the Godess. From that day on all of Sinh's relatives cary his colors and whenever a priest dies a templecats takes his soul to rest."

Cute photo isn't it? Want to see more...see the Firemens page..

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S*SagaStar`s Angel of my heart (Enya), 2 weeks old

Photo: Eivor Rasehorn

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