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Firery firemen! Calendar 2003

The photographer Eivor Rasehorn has taken both blackandwhite and colorphotos for firemen and cat calendar 2003.

This year continues the calendar to support BRIS - Childrens rights in society. Also a foundation has been created by Ms Rasehorn 1998 to support research in cat disieses. The Swedish veterinarian society with Vet. Johan Beck-Friis, is in charge of the project.

When buying this caledar you support both research in cats disieses and children

Now you can buy the calendar online from Svenska katternas sida

Other places to buy it (in sweden): Bokia, some Ahléns stores and other bookshops, several postoffices all over the country and some catclubs and catshelters.
For more information contact Distribution Hĺkansson tel: -46-8-190220

Ms Rasehorns foundation for research in cats disieses can also be supported by sending contributions signed "Rasehorns stipendiestiftelse" to The Swedish veterinarians society

account nr: 8380-8.

Klick here to see 1999 calendar with adorable birmankittens from SagaStar's.

Little SagStar's Angel of my heart ("Enya")

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