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Kitten enquiries to: Kittens born 22nd August 2012

N2-litter were born 22nd. August 2012

3 females. Parents: SagaStar's Red Rose and Mirari Blueeyed Molle (lilac point). Click Here for the pedigree chart

M2-litter was born 2nd. January 2012

A red tabby point male Miro´and a seal point female with name Marie. Parents are SagaStar's Joy f21, and GIC Possums's Adonis, a.

Click here for their pedigree chart.

L2-kittens were born 16.2 2011

Two red/tabby (or cream) point males. Click here for the pedigree chart. Sire: GIC Esaya Happy Beau, d and dame: Ch SagaStar's Red Rose, d21.

here some pics of our earilier kittens

SagaStar's Juliette, June and Joy. Born 17th April 2010. 3 torbie point females.

Parents: S*SagaStar's Red Rose, red tabby point and S*Tjugestas Convoy, seal tabby point.






June, Photos:Lisa-Marie Posado-Chandler

here is the pedigree chart for this litter.

here 6 weeks old

Tjugestans Convoy. Owner: Ulrika Lindgren, and Red Rose, expecting in these pics

SagaStar's Kola, Karamell, Kimmo and Kontantin

2 males (a red- and a cream tabby point) and 2 tortie point females (chocolate torbie and sealtortie) were born 20th April -10. Dam: S*SagaStar's Älskade, red tabby point and sire: S*Fjällsippans Lysander, blue tabby point.



Kimmo & Konstantin







Fjällsippans Lysander and Älskade,the mom
click here for the pedigree chart for these kittens.

SagaStar's Iggy. Born 15. April-10.

Parents: S*SagaStar's Zola, seal tortie point and S*SagaStar's Genesis, seal point.

here as 6,5 weeks old. Pet quality. Availeble.

Genesis, here as 10 months old, and Zola, the mom
Here you can the pedigree chart.

SagaStar´s F2-litter

DOB. 24. 3 -09. Two red ppint kittens.A male and a female. Beautiful! Dame: SagaStar´s Älskade, SBI d21 and Sire: SagaStar´s Åt Solsodan, SBI e21.Check here their pedigree chart.

SagaStar´s E2-litter

Dob. 6th. 2 -09. 3 red (tabby) pointed kittens. 2 females and one male. They look promising all of them!! Mom: CH SagaStar´s Red Rose, SBI d21. Sire: SagaStar´s Åt Solsodan, SBI e21. Click here to se their pedigree chart.

Here we are almoust 6 weeks old

SagaStar´s D2-litter. Darling and Daisy

Here they are 9 weeks old. With Mom Zola
Two females, a red point (Darling) and a seal tortie point (Daisy), were born January -09. Mom: SagaStar´s Zola, SBI f. Sire: SagaStar´s Åt Solsidan, SB1 e21. Click here to see their pedigree chart.

SagaStar´s C2-litter, Ceasar and Cicero

here we go, 5 weeks old
Click here for their pegigree chart.

Their father: SagaStar´s Åt Solsidan

mom is SagaStar´s Älskade.

Here poses both our A2- and B2- babies together with Alskade.

SagaStar's A(2)-litter

1 male and 1 female. Both of them looks like red tabby points
Two babies were born 2nd April 2008. Their parents are SagaStar's Älskade and SagaStar's Åt Solsidan.
The baby delivery went well and the kitties have grown up well. Here U can find their pedigeree chart.

SagaStar's B(2)-litter

It looks like we have got 3 red tabby point males..
3 lively babies were born 8th April 2008. Their parents are Champion SagaStar's Red Rose and SagaStar's Åt Solsidan. Mom & kitties are doing fine! Their weights were between 89-100 gram at birth. The other mom Älskade was giving a helping hand during the baby delivery, it was so cute to look at :-). Now they all sleep together in a basket; two bigger babies and the newborns. Their pedigree chart is to be find here.

SagaStar's Ö-litter

4 healty, lovely kittens were born 30.8. Their parents are FIN* EC Mistymoon Birman Cho-Cho and CH SagaStar's Europa Queen. The kitten delivery went well and all babies were born quickly, it took less than 1 hour totally for all 4 kittens to come out. They weights were between 102-105 gram. They quickly found their milkbar and both mommy and kittens are doing fine. It looks like we have got 3 girls and one male kitten .

Updated 16.9: Babies continue to grow up well. They doubled their weights after one week. At 2,5 weeks are they 298-345 gram. All of them are tabby pointed. One is red tabby point and the other 3 are blue tabby points. All are males... No need to tell that I found them adorable little darlings!! We are so happy for them. Thanks Vesa and Raija in Finland for borrowing your handsome male ChoCho!

Photo: M. Kienanen

here you can find their pedigree chart:-).

Överaskning, a red tabby point male and Öjvin, blue tabby male, here 6 weeks old.

The whole litter, here 6 weeks old.

SagaStar's Ä-litter was born at 28.2 -07

the Ä-litter, here 8 weeks old.
Mom: SagaStar's Red Rose and dad is: IC Byängen's Alfa Rosso.

Two females and one male kitten. They all are red tabby pointed. Here you can see their pedigree chart. More info later on.


was born 16.1-07
CH SagaStar's Europa Queen (Elvira) and IC S* Rackenblå Apollon got 2 males. They are red tabby and cream tabby pointed. Pretty and large babies!

Åt Solsidan, cream tabby point, here 5 weeks old

Åskan, red tabby point, 5 w.
Their pedigree chart is to be found here.

Elvira, f21 and Apollon, a. Photo of Apollon: Y. Ronnefors. His owner is Pirpa Petsen.

SagaStar's Z-litter were born 23. November 2006
Sire: Kronos and dam: Melody. 3 kitties. One tortie point female, one seal point male and one seal tabby point male. See here for their pedigree chart.

Zivago, seal tabby male, Zoogin, seal point male and Zola, a tortie point female , here 7,5 weeks old.

SagaStar's Y-litter
2 red (tabby) point girls were born 21st of May -06; Mom: SagaStar's Red Rose (red tabby point) and dad: GIC Silkyblue's Athos (red point). See here for their pedigree chart.

SagaStar's You can be a Star and Your Favourite Story, here almoust 6 weeks

SagaStar's X-litter were born 3rd. May 2006
Sire: Kronos and dam: Melody. 3 qute babies. two torbie point girls and one chocolate tabby point boy. See here for their pedigree chart.

the boy Xavier, 5 w

Xena, 5 w

Xantippa, 5 w

W-litter was born 21st of july -05. Wendela, Windsor and Wanted

Mom: SagaStar's Queen Latifah. Sire: Possums Sokrates. Owner Gullvi Sandin

seal point girl Wendela, 4 weeks
1 seal point male, 1 seal point female sand 1 red point male. All have deep blue eye color, and are lovely typed. See here for their pedigree chart.

. Click here for look at their pedigree chart. More information soon.

V-litter was born 13. 2 -05. Vitamine, Valentino and Velvet Rose
3 kittens. 2 red tabby point kittens, a boy and a girl and 1 seal tortie tabby pointgirl. Father: Kronos and mother is Elvira (CH SagaStar's Europa Queen).

Vitamine, seal tortie tabby female 6w

Valentino, red tabby male 6w, with dad Kronos

Velvet Rose, red tabby female, 6w

Click here for look at their pedigree chart

U-litter was born 7.2 -05. Uno, Utrillo, Uzello and Unelma
4 kittens. 3 seal point males and one chocolate torbie point female. Father: Ch AmoreGatti kronos. Mother SagaStar's Melody. Press here for their pedigree chart.
4 w old
torbie girl, 4 w

T-litter was born 20.9- 04.
2 seal point males and one tortie tabby point female. Father is Ch AmoreGatti kronos, red point and mom SagaStar's Melody, seal tabby point.

T-litter, 4 weeks old

S-litter was born 7. August -04. Soul-mate, Starlight and Sun-Star
2 chocolate point males and one chocolate tortie point female. Mom is a chocolate point with name SagaStar's Obsession and dad my red point AmoreGatti Kronos.
S-litter. 5weeks old

Photo: Liselotte Boström

Our R- litter was born 4. of July 2004.

Two promising red tabby female kittens. Red Rose and Red Chili. After: CH AmoreGatti Kronos, red point and GIC SagaStar's Bright Star (Bria) seal torbie point. Press here for their pedigree chart.

SagaStar's Q-litter was born 13. 4. 2004
--- Queen Latifah, Q8, Quicksilver, Quickstep and Quite a miracle ---
Mom: SagaStar's La Belle and dad is our handsome red male Kronos.
5 healthy kittens; 3 seal point males, one chocolate point male and one seal tortie point female.

See here for their pedigree chart

SagaStar's Quite a miracle. seal point male here 8 weeks old

Chocolate point male. Quicksilver. Here 4 weeks old. At right with Queen Latifah.

Seal tortie girl. Latifah. Here 8 weeks old.

the whole litter. 8 weeks old.

SagaStar's P-litter, 3 pretty babies, were born 23.3. 2004.
Mother is CH SagaStar's Europa Queen, seal tortie tabby point and father is CH Amoregatti Kronos, a red point.
2 tortie tabby point females and one seal point male. Very promising in type and look. Press here for their pedigree chart

girls Petronella and Pimpernella, and the boy Peaceful mind, here 10 weeks old

Mom: SagaStar's La Belle (Seal point). Dad: Trevino's Frodo (Chocolate point). Two males and two females. Lovely type & size. One blue and one chocolate male and one blue and one chokloate female. Look here for their pedigree chart. All of them have moved to loving homes.
Below some pictures of them at 6 weeks age

Obsession, chockolate point female

Ocean Dream, blue point female,

O-Zone, chockolate point male,

One Man Show, blue point male,

One Man Show, here with mom La Belle

Trying to gett them att at same pic :)

at right One Man Show, a promising blue point male!

Here, picture of FRODO (the dad)

SagaStar's N-litter

Nova Amazing, Noble Amazing, Nothing but Amazing and Not less than Amazing

were born 30th. December 2002. 3 males and one female. Mom: Elvira & dad: Busen. The girl is a tortie point and the boys are one red tabby and two cream tabby points. They have promising size and type. All of them are sold.

'Not less than Amazing', 8 weeks. Cream tabby point.

Melody, Noble Amazing and tortie point Nova Amazing

SagaStar's Melody

Born December 2002. Mom Bria, dad Busen. Promising seal tabby point female. Melody will stay here with us, hopefully used in my own breeding programme later on.

Kittens of summer 2001

-- Click here for pictures!--

Pedigrees of our earlier litters can be found at pedigree page.

SAGASTAR'S TABBY CONRAD, a blue creme male

owner & photo: Michel Koumi

Grand International Champion Rallarrosen's Cestemoon


my first Birman

A few words about my aim with the breeding

The aim with my breeding is to maintain the "real" Birman look within my cats. Beautiful, healthy and large cats with a lovely temperament are my aim - and that isn't a little to ask for. To reach that goal within animal breeding it will take years of serious planned breeding.

I myself have started 1996 in Birman breeding. I attend cat shows quite often to learn more about these wonderful cats, and because of the fine results. Trough other breeders, books and articles, discussions e. t. c. I've done a lot of research. That way you can quickly learn what different things the different breeders enhance within their cats. For example: Some of us quickly wants to get a good type (sometimes with small gene pool), some are purely into breeding (not showing) and some will only accept breeding with show cats - in the end this often creates a small gene pool etc.

Because of all that I think it's important that all of us who are breeders consider our long-time aims. We all want healthy and sound cats also in the future!
It's well known that pure-bred cats, who often have a smaller gene pool, attract and are more sensitive to some diseases than ordinary household pets (or strays) that often *plan* their breeding from a huge gene pool (not to recommend).

Do you recognise this fascinating *SagaStar Cat*? He's of course known from a beloved fairy-tail book...

"You got to know what you want, otherwise it doesn't matter which way you choose", said the Cheshire-Cat to Alice when she didn¹t know what road to choose in her travels in Wonderland....and then the Cat vanished away, just like the flame of a candle when it goes out...


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